Sunday, October 5, 2008

NSF Cyber-Physical Systems Program Solicitation

The NSF Cyber-Physical Systems Program Solication is available.

Bruce Sterling blogged about this at Wired.

Wireless Sensors Reduce Flooding in Indiana City

An article at Government Technology, "Wireless Sensors Reduce Flooding in Indiana City," describes a system that uses actuation to divert rainwater run-off to unused portions of the sanitary sewer system in South Bend, Indiana.

The system, called CSOnet, is a "cyber-physical system" because it integrates computation with control, said Michael Lemmon, University of Notre Dame professor of electrical engineering. It watches and alters its own world, similar to how a traffic controller monitors traffic congestion and orchestrates light timing. "Probably what's unique about this is it includes actuation, so that we're actually controlling something," Lemmon said.