Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Honda Initiation Grant Fall Symposium: Mountain View, CA, 11/15

The Honda Initiation Grant Fall Symposium will be held on the afternoon of November 15 at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View.

The Honda Initiation Grant (HIG) is a university outreach program designed to develop collaborative research between Honda and members of the academic community. The program typically awards several research grants each year - each between 50 & 100K - and also hosts a Fall Symposium which is set up to promote face-to-face collaboration between Honda executives, associates and university faculty attendees.

Many Honda executives, engineers and scientists will be on hand exhibiting a broad variety of Honda research interest including automotive, computer science, chemistry, materials and aviation technology. In addition to the many research topics, we will be giving a demonstration with the ASIMO humanoid robot, and presenting the HondaJet, world premiere, dynamic large-scale detailed model.

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sandip said...

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